Customer reviews and partner testimonials

Global Launch

Shawn Moh Chief Operating Officer, TES Capital

John created the strategic marketing plan and was personally responsible for the entire go to market execution of our global business launch. John brought invaluable insights and research to the business owners. He conducted thorough analysis of business plans and formulated precise, customized strategies to move the business forward. He was superb in lead generation which is the lifeblood of any business.

Throughout all my interactions with John, he proved himself to be very professional and knowledgeable, yet humble. He was a great listener, ensuring he stayed updated on the operational challenges and details of the business, which allowed us to effectively brainstorm and formulate strategies. I would unreservedly recommend John to anyone looking for a business advisor, partner and leader.

Complex Business Decisions

Tan Mui-Mui Director, GlaxoSmithKline

John's strong analytical and strategic mind helped to contribute much to a number of important strategic initiatives in GSK. He has also shown to possess a great discerning vision for business management and planning, in particular in managing complex business decisions.


Kelvin Lee Founder & CEO, The Listening Lab Group

John is an experienced manager who can balance the organization's business objectives while positively motivating his direct reports. His management style is one that mentors while giving sufficient leeway for creativity and out of the box thinking. I also feel that his sense of personal and business integrity are immaculate and I truly appreciated my time working with him at Siemens Healthcare.


Daniel Pang Director, Alltechsys / ALLID Indonesia

John was instrumental in guiding us as we started our digital payments business and entered new Southeast Asian markets. His insightful advice, hands-on guidance and practical wisdom had a big impact on our business. John has earned my trust as a business partner and advisor.

Member Engagement

Amos Poh President, BMW M Club of Singapore; CEO & Co-Founder, BRDGE

John is a creative and thoughtful individual. I had the chance to work with him in BMW M Club of Singapore (MCoS). As a marketing director of MCoS he has brought the club to a new level of vibrancy.

John is passionate in bringing new ideas to the table and his creativity has allowed us to explore options that we had not imagined before. In the midst of a pandemic, we continue to keep our members engaged, mainly thanks to John’s input and contributions. He is able to articulate his ideas across and present effectively to stakeholders. He gives careful thought before he executes an idea and many times was able to provide constructive alternatives when we meet with roadblocks.

Given his vast experience in marketing and his outstanding credentials, I believe John has the ability to deliver and go beyond.


Edmund Chong Data Analyst, Standard Chartered Bank

John was the sponsor for my Masters FYP. His leadership and mastery of the subject matter steered the team in the right direction at crucial junctures in the project. With his wealth of experience in the local automotive scene, John is able to quickly evaluate the team's options and make informed, accurate decisions. In addition, John acts as a mentor who prioritises the team's goals and advises the team on the next steps and possible pitfalls with his foresight. It was a joy to work with John and I certainly gained valuable insights on the domain and business.


Sean Kaveri General Manager APAC, TBR Global Chauffeuring

It was fantastic working with John. Detailed, insightful and results-driven, there is no one I would rather have more on my side of the negotiating table. John is a mentor who has not only guided me to be strategic, calculated and structured in my sales approach but also to be a principled gentleman in all my dealings professional and private. I rarely come across real talent who stands out like John and he earns my highest endorsement.


Tham Foong-Meng Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic

While John speaks his mind and is confident of his abilities, he always maintains his humility and willingness to learn. He knows what he wants and sets his priorities. He finds time to devote to his family, which plays a big part in grounding him very firmly in sound moral values. John is an exceptional individual. I cannot recommend him too highly, and I am not alone in my high praise of him.


Chua Yam-Seng Director, Singapore Technologies

John was instrumental in the partnership. The value was certainly significant and benefited tens of thousands.

Business Acumen

Ong Teong-Wan President, Singapore Training and Development Association (STADA); Director, VICOM; Director, LTC Corp

John displays business acumen and is personable, deliberative, and helpful.

Sales and Marketing

Jonathan Siew Head, Strategic Partnerships & Business Developement, UNIQGIFT

John has always been looked up to as a sales and marketing guru. I had the privilege to work alongside him for over 2 years delivering digital solutions to enterprises. During this stint, we collaborated on multiple successful projects and I had the opportunity to understudy him; certainly a pleasure working with John.